Dr W. J. Larson, Private Math Tutor

Dr Larson, formerly of CERN and the Ecole International in Geneva, is now working as a private math tutor. He is fluent in both British and American.
«  I hear and I forget.  I see and I remember.  I do and I understand. »
Xunzi, Chinese philosopher

Topics tutored:
• Maths year 7 to 11 •
• IB HL AA, HL AI, SL AA, & SL AI maths •
• IGCSE maths, AP Calculus & AP Physics •
• First year university maths •
• Statistics • Physics • Science •
• SAT & ACT Maths •

My strengths:
•  Encouraging students who have difficulties believing in themselves to redouble their efforts and succeed  •
•  Giving strong students the chance to achieve their full potential  •
  •  Flexible hours  •

Testimonial Dear Dr Larson, We would like to thank you for the fantastic support your tutoring has provided to our son over the last years. The energy you put into this, and how you care about your students, make you a role model for teachers. N came to you with shaken confidence from a teacher who did not believe he had it in him to attend advanced math classes. From our own experience, we know how important a good math teacher is at this stage of life! With you he got his confidence back, and you lit the spark for math within him once again. He did well in the final IB exam, and you were an important part of this achievement. Thank you, again! B, father of tutee.

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Experience / qualifications:
PhD in Physics
30 years of experience successfully teaching Math, Physics, Statistics, Astronomy, Science and US History in Swiss and USA high schools (including Ecole Internationale, LGB) and Universities (including Pomona College).
Have written IB HL maths textbooks.

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Where I tutor:
•  At the student’s home  •  At the Larsons’ home in Nyon  •  By Skype  •