Testimonials from former students

(or their parents)

“The Larson magic works!” Barlo, father of Francis
Our family is so grateful for the time and knowledge you shared with our children! There’s no money that repays your dedication and professionalism. Victoria, mother of three children tutored by Dr. Larson
Thanks for all your work with Bonnie over the past two years. You have been a very effective maths tutor. Bonnie’s mother, Helen
Can’t believe it. He is actually studying maths. What on earth did you do to him? Danny’s mother, Susan
Thanks for today Bill, his brain is full and he’s super motivated! William’s mother, Alex
From getting 2 Cs and a D in my [IGCSE] mock to getting nearly an A is all thanks to your amazing tutoring! Gemma (Student)
Migod!!! You are a magician. I just saw Danny and he said you were ‘good’. This has never been said about a math teacher before. Susan (Parent)
Bill won’t ever make you feel bad if you don’t get something, and will help you over obstacles by explaining things in a way that he thinks YOU will understand. Sean (Student)
Bill Larson tutored Alex successfully in Algebra. Alex really enjoyed the session and says that he learned a lot. Kate (Parent)
I thought you might like to know that after the first course with you, Dylan was very happy and excited, and told me that with your tutoring, “I think I can start to like math again!” Anna (Parent)
Dr. Larson is one of the best math teachers I have ever had. He has a way of explaining difficult concepts that greatly simplifies complicated topics, and makes them into understandable terms. I also very much appreciate his humor – it’s the cherry on top. Esin O. (Student)
From the moment they started working together our son’s enthusiasm for maths returned and he became more engaged and confident. Feedback from his school confirmed our perception. His results will be out next month, but we were delighted that Bill was able to clarify and explain topics where our son had become a bit lost. He also brought him a personal and enriched learning experience that really bolstered him. I highly recommend Bill as a tutor. Rosina B. (Parent)
As a girl, being taught by Dr Larson helped me believe that I could be good at maths, and that technical disciplines aren’t just for boys. I can trace the origins of my further studies in mathematics back to his classroom. Vidushi O. (Student, now studying Mathematics and Computer Science at college)
Dr. Larson has been fantastic tutoring my three children at home. He knows the pre-IB and IB Maths program well and can zoom in to teach and review what the kids need to know now, without unnecessary time and money spent on generalities that the kids can study on their own. We’ve sampled many tutors, he’s the very best! Victoria J. (Parent of three)
William Larson is probably the best math teacher I have ever met. Louis V. (Parent)
Nick and Alexis are thoroughly enjoying their maths sessions with you. They say you are a great teacher! Paula S. (Parent)
Dr. Larson is an exquisite person who loves what he does, math is a passion of his and just like all passions he doesn’t mind going to the extra mile. I found out about Dr. Larson throw another friend who need help in Statistics. Despite all my difficulties and the fact that I had already failed my exam once Dr. Larson in a little over a month has pushed me to pass my Final University exam with honors and allowed me to walk away with a Business degree. The price may seem high but he is worth every penny! I hope this small paragraph can transmit how happy I am with the results I got thanks to him. Luca Z. (Student)